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About Fretless

In music, every note matters, every beat counts, and creativity and execution is everything. While it is a completely different world, communicating about IT requires the same rigor. Without the right instruments, guidance and practice, you will not be successful.

As an IT person tapped to communicate or a communications person in an IT organization, you have stepped into an untamed and largely untapped frontier. However, as IT is deeply intertwined in a business’s success, now is the time for CIOs and IT professionals to seize the opportunities ahead by communicating more effectively.

As a passionate communicator (and musician), I wrangle executives, drive announcements, engage employees, grapple with crises, and write my way out of all sorts of situations. For the last seven years, I’ve been embedded in and lend my communications savvy and PR sensibilities to an industry-leading enterprise IT organization.

So, don’t fret, we are here to help you navigate the wild world of IT communications.