More Resolutions to Break?

Ah, yes, another round of resolutions for folks to ponder for New Years. However, unlike the ones we all break – to get our lives in order, lose weight and pursue some unlikely objective – here are a few realistic resolutions for IT communicators:

First, it is safe to say transformation will be at the top of most IT organizations’ 2018 priorities. With that comes, budget conversations, process improvements and changes for employees – all of which will need communications. While you will need to tactically execute, resolve to plan strategically and showcase IT’s progress and success towards this priority.

Second, IT communications must also be willing to transform. It’s a new year, so take this opportunity to break away from some of the tired, more comfortable approaches and try something more creative and compelling to enhance the experience for users.

Third, what good is a weight loss resolution if you don’t measure the results? Given everything else we are tasked with in communications, we don’t always provide consistent metrics that showcase our effectiveness. How about we resolve not to break this resolution in 2018?

Fourth, take control of your career. As an IT communicator, we live between two worlds – an all-consuming life in IT and our roots in communications and marketing. Regardless of your career path, the new year is a perfect time to engage a mentor, broaden your network, and look for courses and new experiences to strengthen your skills.

Finally, have patience. The business world will awake from their sugar cookie highs and eggnog hangovers and realize they need to get back to work. Before the mayhem begins, start thinking about the year ahead and how you can resolve to have an even better IT communication program and career in 2018.

So, there you have it – a few resolutions to ponder as you ease into the holidays. While I’ll be pursuing these, I assure you, there is no judgement or shame if you’d rather break the usual “get in shape” resolutions instead. 🙂

Happy holidays from Fretless Communications.

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